We are based at Barton Aerodrome, (City Airport,) Eccles, Manchester.  Affiliated to the British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Association, our operation is mainly towing paragliders, using a landrover. We are a well established (one of the first in the country) and active club. We are the oldest tow operation in the country (world?), so we must be getting something right.

    We currently operate on the airfield itself, from around 0600 – 0815 (subject to change through the season), Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. With these new hours, we’ve managed to get a few evening sessions in, too.

    We meet in the main car park, organize and fly. When we’ve finished for the day, we retire to breakfast & chat. The best start to your day you can imagine. Most other people might well be just getting out of their pit! Civilised.

    We are active through the year, although our operation at Barton must of necessity cease through the winter months as we fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules).

We did once use two shire horses to tow a paracommander! Fact!

    We are the only tow operation in the North West. Wouldn’t mind being wrong on that, but we’re not. If you know of anyone else, please let us know, & we’ll get their link on here.


   We offer training to get you to Club Pilot (tow) in-house.

Prices (2017)

Current prices are around £200 for the first year (includes BHPA membership) plus flight fees of £3/flight. Flying your own glider costs you £2/flight. We ask you to supply your own boots, and at some later stage your own certified helmet.

Qualified (CP & above) hill pilots:

   We are able to offer conversion to tow. You must be a fully paid up member of the BHPA, or you can join through us. 

    Fed up of parawaiting on that wind-blown hill? Blown out? Have to climb back down again? When we’re blown out, we just drive off the field! Want to use the loo? No looking for hedges for us… we have a proper WC. Excellent for our ladies (you know who you are…) 

     After flying at Barton, we sometimes fly the hills, where, as all pilots, we make the decision to fly depending on local site  conditions. 

We are not a commercial concern, this is reflected in our flight fees. 

Not so small print: In fact, damned big print: 

We reserve the right to alter, amend or otherwise change at any time any aspect of the terms and conditions of our operation.

Safety and enjoyment are our concern.